Phlebotomy Training in Florida - Certification, Schools and Classes

Phlebotomy Training in Florida

Phlebotomy training in Florida is the start of a great career in the medical field. Within the medical industry grows a need for certified phlebotomy technicians. If you want a career in phlebotomy in Florida, you must attend and complete an accredited phlebotomy training course.

Requirements for Eligibility for Phlebotomy Training in Florida

To be eligible for training in the state of Florida, an individual be 18 years and have a HS diploma or GED.

What to Expect From Phlebotomy Training in Florida

Phlebotomy training classes in Florida teach all the standard techniques, along with all the changing technologies present in the medical facility of today.  Courses typically covered will include basic science, math and various topics that are relevant to your specific job function as a phlebotomist. Which will include classes in terminology in the medical field, first aid training (including CPR), and infection and safety protocols. Phlebotomy training in the classroom is only part of the program. On-the-job training is very common in today’s phlebotomy training programs in Florida.

How to Get Your Phlebotomy Certification in Florida

Phlebotomy certification is not a requirement for employment at this time in Florida. There are only 2 states that do demand by law that all phlebotomists have a phlebotomy certification before being eligible for work. By going to an accredited training program you will complete the most important step. That step being completely in line with all requirements for phlebotomy certification in Florida. There are certification programs offered by a few national authorities. One is the National Phlebotomy Association (NPA) and another being the American Society for Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). Both are leaders in certification for phlebotomy techs.

Why Get a Phlebotomy Certification in Florida

Phlebotomy certification will open up the chance for higher pay. Current nurses can definitely benefit from earning their phlebotomy certification. It will make you a more desired nurse by your place of employment due to the fact that you can do more. If you can draw the blood, the phlebotomist can be somewhere else drawing blood, which in turn improves the patient’s experience. Lastly, if you are truly considering becoming a phlebotomist you would be selling yourself short by not getting certified.

Find Accredited Phlebotomy Training in Florida!

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